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Therapy in One of the Most Important Things When Looking for Assisted Living

A large percentage of retired people eventually decide to take advantage of the services and lifestyle available at an assisted living community. In some cases, family members will take part in the decision-making process, but deciding where and when to move should always be made carefully. When exploring the options for yourself or a loved [...]

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Talking About Assisted Living for a Loved One When Family Members Disagree

Moving an aging parent to a senior living community isn't an easy decision. After all, it's difficult to watch the people who once took care of you decline to the point they need help with everyday tasks. Many people feel it's their duty to take care of their elderly parents. Having to admit they can [...]

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Easing the Transition to Assisted Living

Moving into a new home can be difficult and stressful for anyone. It tends to be particularly trying for the elderly. After all, they've often spent decades in their homes, raising their children and building a lifetime of memories. Thinking about moving after all that time can certainly be frightening. Packing alone may be enough [...]

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The Power of Encouraging Words for Seniors

Encouraging words go a long way with seniors, and the right words can inspire them to live impressive lives. Aging parents need the same encouragement from family members and caregivers to keep the seniors motivated to do more and improve the senior's quality of life. Loved ones who find the right words offer the help [...]

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Choosing Between Assisted Living and Home Care for a Loved One

Home care and assisted living services are helpful for seniors who need assistance in their daily lives. Making a choice between the two for a parent or an elderly loved one is hard for families, especially when health complications are forcing the issue. Adult children want to respect the wishes of their parents, but sometimes [...]

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How to Protect the Elderly From Scams

Today, more scams emerge almost daily where seniors were cheated out of their limited incomes by scammers. The criminals use tactics to manipulate the elderly individuals into believing family members are in trouble or threaten the person with jail time. Each of the scams leads to horrible experiences for the seniors, and sometimes the financial [...]

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Recognizing and Treating Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a severe eye disease that attacks the optic nerve and could lead to permanent blindness. Unfortunately, the eye disease doesn't have immediate signs for all individuals. At the earliest signs of glaucoma, the individual should set up an appointment with an eye care specialist. Glaucoma can cause lasting effects even if the person [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dementia

Around 55 million people in the world have dementia. This condition is a broad category that includes many types of dementia. Understanding this disease and its many types will help educate family members and their loved ones and ensure they seek medical care right away if they develop symptoms. Those who suffer from dementia may [...]

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The Value of Community Living for Veterans

Growing older is a blessing. Along with age comes wisdom, experience, and the time to try new things. When a loved one has reached their golden years, many people decide to enrich the lives of their loved ones by helping them move into a community of their peers. While these senior and retirement communities are [...]

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The Importance Of Socialization For Seniors

Seniors who are more active and socialize more are healthier and avoid major mental health crises. Studies show that socialization is just as important for seniors as it is for children, and it can give them a chance to cultivate bonds with others who live within the same community.  When they retire, it is important [...]

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