Finding an assisted living location isn’t easy. However, we’re going to try and change that.

For such an important chapter of your life, it shouldn’t be too difficult, especially when you’re dealing with other hardships at the same time.

Caring for an aging loved one is difficult enough as it is without adding on top of that finding the right assisted living facilities near me.


Assisted Living Explained

As we grow old, we all need some assistance.

Not everyone has family to take care of them, and this is where assisted living facilities fill the gap.

These facilities allow individuals to have their basic needs taken care of while still being able to live independently.

It’s like a best of both worlds type scenario.

With assisted living, your daily meals, dressing, bathing, assistance with medication, transportation, and mobility will all be taken care of.

Most assisted living facilities also offer (at extra cost):

  • housekeeping
  • easier access to health services
  • memory care
  • staff and security available around the clock
  • an emergency call in system
  • exercise programs
  • medication management
  • personal laundry service
  • social events
  • recreational activities


If you search for “assisted living facilities near me,” you’ll find communities that generally consist of 25-120 unit apartment complexes, made up of single rooms and full apartments. There are also subdivided houses with live-in caregivers.

What to Expect

Assisted living offers help in 5 key areas: bathing, transportation, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management. More services might be offered too, albeit at additional cost. This might include laundry and housekeeping services.

Some facilities even allow pets as well.

When it comes to social aspects, each facility has a different type of crowd that lives there. You’ll want to choose a facility that not only meets your basic and personal needs but also where you feel that you’d fit in.

Forming new bonds with some of your neighbors will make the transition to assisted living easier.

The Culture of Assisted Living

Here’s what you need to know about “culture:”

The personality or culture of the assisted living facility is important. Every single facility has a different character.

Some have formal décor, and others have simple décor. Some are big, and some are small.

Depending on the facility itself and the local climate, residents might prefer being outdoors or indoors.

Moreover, each facility tends to attract different cultures, ethnicities, religious groups, etc. There are even some very niche groups for things like LGBT issues, sports, vegetarians, community service, etc.

Also, of course, we can’t forget about pets! Americans do love their pets, and independent living communities are no exception.

You can even find pet care services like dog walking and grooming for an extra fee.

Some communities even put pets (usually dogs and cats) front and center as mascots.


However, there are often restrictions on the size and breed of animals allowed, unfortunately.

Different types of assisted living have different rules about pets. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care units can all have different rules and policies regarding different pets. For example, some places might allow aquariums, birds, and other types of pets.

So the takeaway from all of this is, before you choose an assisted dl living facility, verify that all of your preferences are met.

How to Select the Right Assisted Living Community?

First, come equipped with the tips that we’ll be giving you here. Then, keep on visiting new facilities until you think you’ve found the one that clicks with you.

Basic Facts

Assisted living facilities can vary greatly. The term assisted living itself is not an industry defined term. So really, each place can set its own rules.

For instance, some facilities might have 24/7 nurses while others will not.

The more you understand this “diversity” principle of assisted living options, the better you’ll be at choosing the right facility for you.


Cost is a big concern when it comes to assisted living. There are several ways to pay for it, including veterans benefits, Medicaid, long-term care insurance, and more.

But still, many see it as very expensive, and it can be depending on the region and the level of service required.

However, it’s also important to understand that “average cost” figures for assisted living can be misleading and does not necessarily represent what you will need to pay. It all depends on your situation.

We’ll explain why assisted living might (or might not) be expensive for you.


The services offered can vary from place to place since the US, unfortunately, doesn’t have a universal or federal definition of assisted living. Each state government has different industry regulations.

Each state also offers different licensing for facilities, which means that varying levels of care are provided (or not provided).

State licensing is also important to consider when it comes to payments being covered by Medicaid, private insurance or other sources.

And finally, the level of licensing matters when it comes to the amount of care you can receive if you have dementia or become bedridden. Some facilities might require you to transfer to a nursing home, hire a personal nurse, or get in-home healthcare.

Activities of Daily Living

The 5 main ADLs are:

  1. Bathing
  2. Dressing
  3. Medication Management
  4. Meal Preparation
  5. Transportation

You might also get assistance with certain housekeeping activities at no additional cost, like dishwashing, laundry, and vacuuming. Though as we said, it all depends on each facility.

However, in many places, these services will cost you extra:

  • hairdressing
  • physical therapy
  • memory therapy
  • assistance with scheduling appointments


Extra Activities

Most independent living centers also offer social gatherings and outings. Remember when we said about how each facility has a different crowd of people?

Well, different people enjoy different activities. Some people are religious, and some people might love to gamble, some might love theater.

Different facilities cater to different crowds, so that’s one part of finding a place that you love.

Educational activities such as art and computer lessons might be available as well. The number of classes available would depend on how large the facility is.

Contemplating “assisted living facilities near me?” If so then you’re in the right place. Keep reading our blog for more informative posts like this one…