How to find care giving and assisted living facilities near me

Finding an assisted living location isn't easy. However, we're going to try and change that. For such an important chapter of your life, it shouldn't be too difficult, especially when you're dealing with other hardships at the same time. Caring for an aging loved one is difficult enough as it is without adding on top [...]

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When to move from independent living to assisted facilities?

The goal of Oceanside assisted living facilities is to allow as much independence as possible while assisting whenever needed. The following services are usually provided by most assisted living facilities: housing health-related services meals social activities personal care and support Why leave independent living for assisted living? Assisted living facilities are excellent for when you [...]

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How Music Can Benefit Seniors in Assisted Living

Music is an integral part of our everyday lives. Studies have shown that music can benefit seniors when it is used to improve their health, enhance their moods, and even improve their memory. Here at Ocean Hills Senior Living in Oceanside, CA, we use music in a variety of ways to take advantage of the [...]

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How to Stay Connected With Loved Ones in Senior Living

If your loved one has recently moved into a senior living facility, you likely have questions about how to stay connected. As they go through this transition, you must make an effort to stay connected with them. They need you in their life to help with combating depression and loneliness, improving their overall health and well-being. In [...]

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How Assisted Living Offers More Happiness in Retirement

Many families are apprehensive about putting their loved one into senior living. And some seniors wonder if they will enjoy Assisted Living Oceanside CA. At Ocean Hills Senior living, we have found that our senior residents are quite happy with assisted living. The truth is that most seniors are more satisfied living among others than [...]

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What Is the Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living?

As you or your family member gets older, finding solutions about long term care are critical. As you conduct your research, one key question you might ask is this: What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living? Even though these terms might seem interchangeable, they have different meanings. Understanding the difference can help [...]

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When and How to Transition From Assisted Living to a Nursing Home

Getting older usually comes with mobility difficulties, memory issues, and other medical conditions. These concerns can make it difficult for your senior loved one to live alone. This is usually when families begin considering assisted living or nursing homes. Assisted living facility in Oceanside, CA An assisted living facility in Oceanside, CA is probably your [...]

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Senior Living Facilities Near Me: Questions to Ask While on a Tour

Finding the right senior living facility for your loved one can be an intimidating task. The number of options of senior living facilities near you can be overwhelming. Each senior living facility will have its own brochures and websites to read too. It's vital to know what to look for in a senior living facility [...]

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4 Signs Your Loved One Needs Memory Care

The cognitive decline caused by age-related illnesses can creep up slowly. Unlike an accident or diagnosed illness, there isn’t an obvious urgency to seek medical care. It isn’t clear that there’s an immediate crisis to manage because the symptoms of cognitive decline happen slowly over months or years. The slow reveal of symptoms can cause [...]

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