No adult child wants to see their elderly parents struggling in day-to-day life. When health issues arise, aging parents may require daily assistance. How can children know when it is unsafe for their parents to remain home alone? Should adult children move their parents into their homes? Weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding.

What Are the Reasons Elderly Parents May Need to Move in with Adult Children?

Most people want to remain independent for the rest of their lives, but it is not always possible. There are many senior living options, but which one will be most beneficial? The following are some of the reasons aging parents may need to live with their adult children. 

  • The parent can no longer take care of their daily living tasks, including bathing and eating. 
  • The senior is losing their memory. 
  • The elderly parent has been diagnosed with a form of dementia. 
  • The aging parent has serious health issues that are challenging to manage. 

Seniors with cognitive declines may forget to eat, take care of their bills, or bathe. It is important to understand the safety issues that may arise when the elderly live alone. Although most adult children feel an obligation to take care of their parents and move them in, this is not always the best choice. 

The Upsides and Downsides of Moving Your Parents Into the Home

Before adult children decide to move their parents in, they must understand the pros and cons. Living with an aging parent is not easy, especially if they require constant care. Consider the following before moving the parents into the home. 

Keep Them Safe

Taking care of aging parents at home means keeping them safe. Although there are many senior living community options, adult children often worry about the safety of these communities. Adult children can keep their aging parents safe, but it may require 24-hour care. For some people, this level of care becomes too stressful to handle. 

Spend Time with Them

Many adult children do not get to spend much time with their aging parents because of their busy schedules. A lack of time spent with elderly parents can lead to guilt. When aging parents live with their adult children, everyone spends quality time together. 

Living together can help improve the relationship between parent and child, but can also cause greater strain. Adult children may find it challenging to juggle caring for their elderly parents and taking care of their families. 

They Remain Comfortable

Most people feel more comfortable when surrounded by the familiar, whether it be people or belongings. Providing support for seniors at home can help them feel more comfortable. On the other hand, it could also cause the senior to become overly dependent on the adult child. 

Today’s senior communities offer a home-like environment that is comfortable and conducive to helping seniors feel at ease. Although it will require a period of adjustment, most seniors acclimate to their new surroundings quickly. 

What Are the Benefits of Senior Communities?

There are many benefits to living in senior communities. Seniors and their adult children need to evaluate the benefits to determine if a community would be a good fit. The following are the benefits of living in a senior community. 

  • Seniors will have plenty of options for socializing. Aging parents often feel isolated because they lose touch with family and friends. In a community, seniors will be surrounded by people their age and staff members who provide options for socialization. 
  • Those with memory lapses and dementia will find they will receive memory care services. These treatments help seniors retain their memories and protect their cognitive function. Engaging the aging person’s brain complements medication therapy. 
  • Seniors and their families will also discover they receive assistance 24 hours a day. Many seniors find it challenging to feed themselves, get dressed, or go to the bathroom. Having someone assisting them throughout the day makes life easier and safer. 

Discover the Possibilities

There are many options for care, including assisted living. Although many adult children want to care for their elderly parents at home, this is not always a viable choice. There are senior communities that help aging parents thrive. These communities offer extensive services that keep seniors engaged and ensure their physical, mental, and emotional health are all protected. Now is an ideal time to learn more. 

 At Ocean Hills Senior Living, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our senior residents. Our luxury apartments will make seniors feel at home instantly. Our caring and compassionate staff members ensure our residents stay healthy and happy.