When dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia, families need to know what care options are available to them. One of the most common steps families take is finding facilities that will meet the needs of a loved one who is experiencing memory loss. At this point in the disease, your loved one may be getting lost or forgetting where they kept their medicine. To protect them and keep them safe, you may be wondering, what Memory Care Near Me is available? Luckily, we will take you through the needs and challenges of memory care so you can choose the facility that is best for you.

Over 1 million adults are living in assisted living facilities that have an emphasis on memory care. Assisted living is excellent because it blends a nursing home with community care and reduces the stress associated with being in a clinical environment versus a home-style environment.


A series of research articles documenting assisted living facilities revealed that problems such as depression, pain, loss of appetites, behavioral symptoms, and isolation were prevalent. That is why when you are choosing a memory care center near you, you must find a facility that employs a psychiatric nurse and dietary consultants to combat these issues. You should also be looking for a facility that minimizes harmful stimuli and encourages participation in pleasant and engaging activities like music therapy or crafting.

Why do people check into memory care?

Remember close to 65% of people that are checking into memory do so because of increasing confusion and the lack of family support because their family is unable to cope with the demands of dementia. The other challenges and reasons people checked into memory care were because a physician referred them to the facility or because of behavioral issues like paranoia and aggression. There are many challenges that a loved one with dementia faces and we will outline them for you here. That way, you can know what to look for when choosing a memory care facility.

Nutrition and transportation

The other needs that people who need memory care have are nutritional meals and access to transportation. When choosing a facility make sure you find a place with adequate transportation and an on-site dietitian who will make sure that your loved one is getting proper nutrition daily.
As you can see most people in memory care need round the clock supervision in order to keep them safe. When you find a facility with well-trained staff, the needs of your loved one can be easily met. A great facility will be like a home away from home where you know their basic needs are taken care of.


Many seniors face the challenge of dealing with anxiety that manifests as fearfulness, apprehension, and worry. When choosing a memory care facility near me, remember to find a place that uses a combination of objective (empirical data) and subjective (who your loved one is and their preferences) when making decisions in relation to treating anxiety. Well trained staff can help your loved one deal with the anxiety of transitioning from their home into a memory care facility, and in some cases can prescribe medication to help deal with the symptoms.

Medication Needs

Challenges arise when your loved one needs highly specialized care. In some cases, your loved one will need the services of a psychiatric nurse. These nurses may have to use non-pharmacological nursing interventions and employ the manage psychotropic medications for your loved one to deal with the effects of dementia. Make sure that the facility you use documents all procedures and medications so they can detect changes in your loved one and adjust treatment accordingly. This is of critical importance and having the right psychiatric can help control and manage diverse behavioral symptoms.

Behavior Challenges

Behavioral challenges are one of the main things family members find hard to deal with when a senior is living at home. Many behavioral symptoms occur when a patient has unmet needs and is experiencing stress. These things can be avoided by putting a loved one in a facility with well-trained caregivers that can adapt to the needs of your loved one and create daily routines. When you reduce stressors, you reduce the progression of stress in dementia patients from growing into threatening behaviors like agitation or striking out.

At Ocean Hills senior living, we take care to meet the needs of all our patients. Our well-trained staff can help your loved one with behavior challenges, medication and medical care, and meals and transportation. Book an appointment to talk to our staff today!