Social distancing is super important as Americans attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. However, that also means that everyone will be spending more time at home. It’s not hard to feel bored and get lonely. To deal with boredom and stay occupied, keep this list of activities and entertainment ideas in mind.

And remember: do whatever makes you the happiest. Take breaks as needed, and if you are with friends and family, have them participate as well!

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  1. Go Walking

Walking is an acceptable activity during social distancing – just keep in mind to stay six feet away from others.

  1. Exercising

Physical activity will improve your mood, even if that just includes a brisk walk. Besides, you can always get a better workout by watching online videos or reading articles about free workouts.

  1. Send Letters

Not a lot of people spend time writing letters these days, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t love receiving them! If your manual writing skills are getting rusty or you want to do something old school, then handwriting a letter is a fantastic idea.

  1. Send a Video Message to Family and Friends

Sending a video message is an excellent idea for staying in contact with friends and family while adhering to social distancing requirements. There are several free video chat apps that you can use to send video messages.

There’s just one caveat: don’t send a letter if you’re showing any symptoms. COVID-19 can still survive on paper for a length of time.

  1. Home Yoga

Even if you just have a small amount of flooring, you can do some yoga. Yoga is a great method of relaxation. It’s also great for seniors because it allows them to get their bodies moving in a gentle way, which is essential for preventing potential injury.

  1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is inherently satisfying (just ask anyone who has done it). It’s a special time to get rid of clutter and unused items, as well as to rearrange your living space to make it feel fresh and new again. Remember to take breaks and get outside help if needed.

  1. Meditation

This is a useful activity for clearing your mind and easing away negativity. There are many different guided meditations online that you can follow.

  1. Streaming

There are countless streaming services to choose from, and they can all grant access to tons of documentaries, TV shows, and movies. You just need an internet connection to create your account. The price for this service can vary among different companies, but a free trial Is usually an option.

  1. Board Games and Card Games

Board games and card games are classic ways to spend your afternoons, and they can improve your ability to remember things as well!

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  1. Do Some Puzzle Solving

Puzzles are great ways to pass the time. They take a lot of time and are suitable for people of any age. There are even online puzzles if you don’t have any at home.

  1. Create Your Own Board Game

Are you a board game master? Have you gotten so good at your favorite games that they are child’s play to you? If so, then it’s time to advance to the next level and create your own. This is a fantastic idea for a project that you can work on over the next several days, and it’s a fun activity to do with friends or family.

  1. Start Reading Those Books

If you’ve let some of your books gather dust over the years, promising yourself that you’d read them, then now is the perfect time to actually do it!

  1. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music isn’t only for when you’re doing an activity. It can also be nice to just sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite artists without any distractions. What better time to do that than right now?

  1. Check out YouTube Arts and Crafts Tutorials

There are so many different skills and crafts you can learn: sewing, painting, crocheting, knitting, etc. If you’re creative, then this is an excellent way to exercise your mind, and it can help relax.

  1. Start Listening to Podcasts

A podcast is an excellent alternative to watching TV or reading books. A podcast is simple to download, and there are countless different podcasts to listen to. There really is a podcast out there for everyone.  

  1. Color Something Great

Coloring is very relaxing and rewarding. Doesn’t it sound nice to color in some great works of art? Many museums and libraries have coloring books that you can download for free.

  1. Take Tours of Museums

We know what you’re thinking – how can I do this during a pandemic? Well, thankfully, we live in an age where everything is becoming virtual, including museum tours! There are many famous international museums that you can tour using the Google Arts and Culture Service. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights.

  1. Try Learning a New Skill

The nice thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to watch a video all the way through at once; for instance, you could watch 10 minutes of a 30-minute video and come back to it later by going to your “watch history” page. When you click it there, you’ll return to the same spot in the video where you left off earlier. This allows you to learn at your own pace. And whatever it is you want to learn, chances are good that you can find it on YouTube.


Feeling anxious about the current state of things is completely normal, but just remember that you’re already doing your part by practicing social distancing. It’s not easy, but the ideas in this list, as well as other activities that make you happy, will help get you through this time by keeping you entertained.