Encouraging words go a long way with seniors, and the right words can inspire them to live impressive lives. Aging parents need the same encouragement from family members and caregivers to keep the seniors motivated to do more and improve the senior’s quality of life. Loved ones who find the right words offer the help aging parents need the most and prevent these elderly family members from facing dire circumstances.  

Make Them Feel Loved and Appreciated

Senior loved ones spend a lot of time alone and don’t see their families as much as they’d like. If elderly loved ones have dementia, the family must provide encouraging words to show that the elderly loved one is loved and appreciated to help them thrive. The statements don’t have to be complex, and the family members should ensure the loved ones have the senior’s attention when expressing these feelings.

Aging parents living in an assisted living with memory care need encouragement from loved ones, even if the family members make a short phone call to them to tell them about the senior’s day. These sentiments go a long way with aging seniors and keep them in a positive mood.

Give Them Respect

Respectful language and expressions are necessary when speaking to elderly loved ones, and family members must find solutions that don’t lead to more anger or frustrations for the seniors. Struggles with dementia are frustrating for aging parents, and respect is vital for discussing these difficulties with the aging parent.

Many parents are used to being independent, and some are used to caring for everyone around them. When the senior experiences cognitive decline, the parents lose control of their own thought processes, and kind words from loved ones and friends are helpful. Do you want to learn more about independent living communities for your aging parent? Visit the communities for more details about what to expect.

Encourage Them to Make Friends

Aging parents isolate themselves from others when these seniors experience significant life changes such as cognitive decline. Unfortunately, isolation leads to depression and loneliness, and seniors face even further mental health crises because the seniors are isolated.

Seniors living in an assisted living community in Oceanside, CA, are encouraged to attend social gatherings and make new friends. Aging parents with companions aren’t lonely and participate in more activities, and the seniors become physically and mentally fit. New friends encourage them to follow healthy patterns and improve the senior’s quality of life.

Encouraging Words to Get Them to Eat Healthier

Seniors receive dietary changes and new medications according to existing medical conditions, and lifestyle changes are difficult for seniors. Family members and caregivers use encouraging words to get elderly loved ones to follow the doctor’s orders. The expressions shouldn’t include statements that make the senior feel guilty or upset, and the right words make them feel like they are doing their part to get the most out of life.

Another strategy to help encourage the aging parents to eat healthier is for the family to share meals with the parents that include foods that are better suited for the person’s dietary needs. Parents lead by example, and adult children can use the same strategies to get aging parents to avoid unhealthy foods.

Ask Questions About The Loved One’s Health

Adult children find better words of encouragement by staying informed about a parent’s medical conditions and progress. The loved ones can ask questions about the parent’s health concerns and find solutions to improve the person’s health, but the loved ones must find ways to express their feelings without sounding condescending. No parents want to be treated like children or belittled, especially when discussing significant health changes like cognitive decline.   

Help Them Calm Down After Failures and Frustrating Situations

Aging parents who have dementia face frustrating situations and failures that are devastating. The family searches for words for everyday items as dementia progresses, and the parent’s struggles make them angry and belligerent when they cannot recall these simple names. Words of encouragement can have a calming effect on the seniors and help them work through these frustrations.

Adult children can learn better expressions to calm an angry parent with dementia from medical guides, and the loved ones master how to use these expressions to achieve objectives without making the parents feel like someone is talking down to them. If the loved ones find the right words, the loved ones discover better ways to encourage the parents to continue trying to recall the names of items and when to take breaks to avoid negative emotions. 

A Great Home for Seniors

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