When a senior can no longer live alone, whether this is a decision they make or family members make it for them, multiple options open up to them. Some men and women move in with a family member, but not all can do that. They must then determine if they should relocate to a nursing home, an assisted living community, or somewhere else. When making this decision, what factors need to come into consideration? 


Before starting the search for independent living accommodations or any senior community, men and women must know what they need in a community. For example, one person may wish to remain completely independent while another must have help with bathing or managing their medication. 

Individuals with health issues must look for a community that has medical professionals on-site. This ensures they have help available when needed. However, don’t consider only current health needs. Take the time to consider what they may need in the future and determine which facilities offer the ongoing level of care that they will likely need. This ensures the senior won’t be forced to move multiple times to have their needs met. 


Families must establish a budget before looking at various senior living options. When determining the amount that can be reserved for this purpose, take into account many expenses that come included in the monthly fee. This may include utilities, meals, and taxes. Next, determine what financial resources remain available to help offset the costs. 

Long-term care insurance covers most senior living accommodations. Many individuals use their monthly Social Security payments for this purpose, and veteran’s benefits become of great help. Anyone with an annuity, pension, or retirement account will find the fund helps to cover the cost of the assisted living community. Other potential funding sources include assets that may be liquidated and family contributions. 


Once it has been determined what the senior needs and how much they can afford for housing, the focus must turn to where they wish to live. Some men and women choose to relocate to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Other people like where they currently live and want to stay in the vicinity. Medical facilities should be researched at this time along with local amenities. Seniors want to be able to come and go freely as long as possible. The right location for their new residence will make this easier to do. 


When comparing communities, men and women must determine what they consider essential and which amenities would be nice to have but aren’t required. For instance, a senior might want their pet to move with them and they refuse to live anywhere the companion isn’t welcome. Another person may need a community with an indoor pool because they swim year-round to stay healthy. Without this pool, they won’t be able to continue with this activity and they won’t be happy in their new living accommodations. Differentiate between wants and needs when making this list. The goal will be to find a community that has all of the needs and many of the wants. 


Once it has been determined which communities fulfill the above requirements, it’s time to learn more about each community that remains on the list. Visit the website, read reviews, and check out social media postings. Read all available information about the community to learn which ones you wish to visit in person. 

Plan a Visit

Visit those communities remaining on the list. Try to visit multiple times and go at different times of the day. This provides a more accurate picture of life in the community and allows families to see what life is like when senior management isn’t present. Are residents out and about or hiding in their room? Do residents have multiple activities to choose from or are they sitting around watching television? The in-person visits are helpful in that they allow people to get a better feel for the community and all it has to offer. This information cannot be obtained from a website or conversations with family and friends. 

Don’t wait until senior living accommodations are required. Begin the process before they are needed. When you do so, you’ll have more time to learn about the different options and feel confident in the choice you make. Your loved one deserves the best. Using these steps makes it easier to ensure that is exactly what you find for them.

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