Finding the right senior living facility for your loved one can be an intimidating task. The number of options of senior living facilities near you can be overwhelming. Each senior living facility will have its own brochures and websites to read too. It’s vital to know what to look for in a senior living facility when you’re wading through the information.

First thing to do is to prepare a list of your loved one’s care needs and lifestyle wants. Things to include are dietary restrictions, medications, mobility and personal care needs. The facility will want to know this information to assess they have the staff to meet your loved one’s needs. Keep this list in mind when you’re touring the senior living facilities near you to find the right fit.

Next you should settle on roughly when your senior loved one wants to move into a facility and what you can afford. With your timing and budget, you’ll be able to weed out the facilities that won’t have room or are beyond your means.

The second list you should prepare is a list of questions to ask each senior living facility you like. By asking the same questions, you can consider each facility on equal terms. And you’re less likely to forget to ask for important information!

Let’s take a look at what your most pressing questions might be.

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Questions to Ask While Touring an Assisted Living Facility

About the Staff at Senior Living Facilities Near Me:

    • What is the staff to resident ratio? You have to decide what ratio you are comfortable with and how much attention your loved one might need.
    • Is there a Registered Nurse on staff? Depending on the medical care required for your loved one, you might want a nurse on site.
    • Does the staff provide 24-hour help for personal care and daily living activities? This is important if your loved one’s normal routine starts early in the day or ends late at night. Another reason might be if your loved one might need help going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

About the Living Areas of Senior Living Facilities Near Me:

    • Does the facility have private or shared rooms? Some people enjoy the social aspect of sharing a room while others prefer to be alone. It’s good to talk about which your loved one prefers.
    • Does the facility have private or shared bathrooms? Again, your senior loved one might be alright sharing a bathroom with other residents. But that makes some people are uncomfortable.
    • Is housekeeping for the rooms included? This might not be a service that’s included which is great for the senior who likes cleaning their own space. But if your loved one is not capable or interested in housekeeping, this will be a service you need to consider.
    • What furnishings are provided? This will help determine what personal furniture your loved one can bring with them. Your loved one might need to downsize by selling furniture they will not need.
    • What kind of pets are allowed? Your senior loved one may have a pet they’d like to bring with them or is planning on getting a pet after the move. Some facilities may be strictly pet free, but others may allow certain types of pets. It’s good to plan for this in advance.

About the Food Served at Senior Living Facilities Near Me:

    • What meals are included?
    • What is the meal schedule?
    • How often does the menu change?
    • Can residents make requests?
    • Can visitors dine with residents?
    • Can we sample the food on the tour?
    • How are dietary restrictions or special diets accommodated?

The answers will allow you to have realistic expectations of the meal service. Food is a very important part of our daily lives. Picking a senior living facility with food that your loved one likes is vital. You should also make sure the meals are healthy and follow recommended food guides.

About Common Spaces & Activities at Senior Living Facilities Near Me:

    • What indoor and outdoor common spaces are available?
    • What extra amenities are available on site such as salons, gyms, etc.?
    • What recreational rooms are on site?
    • What does the typical activity schedule look like?
    • What kind of outings are planned and how often?

Make sure the facilities and activities important to your loved one are available. Don’t think of these as wants, but as needs. It’s important for your senior loved one to have an enriching daily life. Engaging in activities and staying active is vital to the health of your loved one.

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About Personal and Medical Care Provided at Senior Living Facilities Near Me:

    • Is medication management provided by staff?
    • How often are care plans updated and who is consulted before changes are made?
    • Is transportation available for medical appointments?

Having a facility manage tasks for your loved one’s care can take some stress off your own shoulders. This will free you up to focus on your loved one instead of trying to juggle too many responsibilities. The cost of senior living facilities that include some of these benefits might be higher. But to take your loved one to their appointment, you might have to take time off work. The wages lost could be higher than what you might pay the care facility.

After the Tour of Senior Living Facilities Near Me

After reviewing the information you collected, narrow down your options to your favorites. Do your due diligence by checking if any inspection reports and citations are against the community. You can check on California’s Community Care Licensing website for more information.

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What is the most important factor of a senior living facility for you and your loved one? Tell us about your experiences touring the senior living facilities near you!