Growing older is a blessing. Along with age comes wisdom, experience, and the time to try new things. When a loved one has reached their golden years, many people decide to enrich the lives of their loved ones by helping them move into a community of their peers. While these senior and retirement communities are great for elders, they are especially beneficial to California veterans.

Gaining New Friends is Invaluable for Veterans

An assisted living community includes people from all walks of life. Residents will have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and participate in activities that promote socialization. It is common for these communities to have many veteran residents.

Veterans living with their peers is invaluable as it allows them to share stories and connect with those who had similar life experiences as themselves. While not everyone will understand the struggles and experiences of serving the country or going to war, other veterans will know precisely what other veterans are talking about. Living in a traditional neighborhood can be lonely for elders and veterans, but in senior living communities, they have the gift of connecting with people who served just as they did.

Staying Busy and Active Is Important

Living in a community of elders and veterans is never dull. Retirement and senior living communities keep an activity director on staff to keep residents busy, enriched, and happy. The job of the activity director is to make sure there are plenty of enriching activities scheduled every day. Activities are planned on an assortment of topics and movements to have something for everyone.

Some activities will focus on physical fitness, some on wellness and emotional health, some on socialization, and some will be scheduled with the only intent of having fun. A few examples of scheduled activities that could be on the schedule include:

  • Book club
  • Cooking events
  • Bingo
  • Board Games
  • Community dances
  • Elder yoga
  • Chair Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Field trips
  • Birthday events
  • Religious services
  • Movie nights
  • Shopping events
  • Casino outings
  • Craft time

Veterans Can Keep Their Independence 

Some people may feel that moving an elder into a residential community signifies that the loved one is losing their independence. In truth, the opposite is happening. These communities promote independent living by giving elders and veterans the tools and support needed to live their lives as independently as possible. For example, when a new person moves in, the staff completes an intake session to assess the elder’s skills and pinpoint areas where the veteran may need assistance.

If the elders can dress themselves, cook, clean, and do most of their daily living activities unassisted, they will be allowed and encouraged to keep doing so. On the other hand, if the resident needs assistance with their daily living activities, the staff will make a plan to give the resident all of the support and help they need. Every resident is treated individually and is greatly respected and supported by staff in all areas of their lives.

Keeping Veterans and Elders Safe

A considerable benefit of having a veteran or loved one living in a California community of their peers is knowing that they are safe. Staff members continuously check on each resident throughout the day and night to ensure that everyone is safe, fed, and well cared for. In addition, the community and staff will offer memory care for the loved one living with dementia or memory issues.

Beneficial Services Included in Veteran Communities

A community of elders, veterans, and those needing care is more than “just” a place to live. These communities are loving, caring, and encouraging homes for their residents. They are safe places designed to enrich the lives of those who live there. 

One of the enormous benefits of living in this type of community is that the basics are taken care of. These communities assist elders with meals, laundry, and more. Knowing their loved one has excellent care means a family does not need to worry the loved one didn’t cook themselves a balanced meal. Staff may bring meals to the person to enjoy in their own space, or meals may be served community-style in a dining room.

On top of the cooked meals, many places do the laundry for residents. Staff assists with chores when needed, and they always make sure that all of the person’s basic needs are met. By having the basics of cooking and laundry out of the way, the resident will have more time for socialization, hobbies, and leisure. The value of community living for veterans is enormous in these loving and caring residential communities.