With comfortable apartment living, seniors can go from expensive high maintenance homes to independent living smoothly. Accommodations at Ocean Hills are made with easy navigation in mind – whether you’re using a wheelchair, walker, or not using any mobility device. Independent living is compact and without any potential safety hazards.


A Relaxing and Tranquil Environment

The majority of independent living centers and communities require residents to be over age 55. That way, there won’t be any late-night parties or the cries of children in the neighborhood. Plus, there are amenities that are provided especially for seniors. These amenities create a soothing environment that’s free of any judgment. A community might have a pool – in which case you can enjoy it splash-free. At any independent living community, you can play cards with your peers and join in on fitness classes that are designed for your older body.


Health and Wellness

Independent living communities understand how to help improve the health and wellness of their residents. That’s why most communities include on-site nutritionists, fitness instructors, and many other professionals who can help residents who want to live a healthier lifestyle. With these options, you’ll have the ability to try new things as well as enjoy the things that you already love doing.

Senior fitness doing chair yoga

Improve Your Physical Health

About a third of seniors over 55 aren’t staying physically active, according to the CDC. This is true despite the fact that physical activity lowers the risk of many terrible conditions, including chronic diseases, pain, and premature death. It might be hard to stick to an exercise schedule at home, but there are countless fun options for you to stay active in independent living. If you don’t like to jog, maybe try water aerobics, golf, or even chair yoga.


Eat Healthier Effortlessly

Nutrition is also a critical factor in wellness. Maintaining proper nutrition will increase your energy, help you maintain a healthy weight, and prevent health issues like heart disease and high blood pressure. In independent living, you can enjoy healthy meals approved by dietitians and packed full of nutrients. Stop by the community café and then head home to make your favorite sinful recipes (like chocolate chip cookies) in the kitchen.


A Remedy for Loneliness

Almost a third of seniors live alone, and they usually become less socially active as they get older. It’s always good to have some alone time; however, senior isolation is a genuine problem that poses a risk to older adults. Loneliness itself can lead to worse issues like depression, faster cognitive decline, and other health-related issues.

Independent living provides many opportunities for socializing without the need to arrange transport or set up plans. An accessible weekly activity calendar would include things like local trips to the theater or museum, happy hours, book clubs, and of course, board game nights.


Say Goodbye to Chores and Exhausting Home Modifications

It’s tiring trying to maintain a clean home. You’ve spent years maintaining your yard, cleaning toilets, doing the laundry, and so on – so you might be ready for a break from all of that. Independent living will allow you to live a lifestyle free from maintenance, thus allowing you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.


Housekeeping and Maintenance Services are Included

Most seniors spend over 3 hours a day doing household chores, lawn care, and maintenance. This is according to a study in the journal BMC Public health that surveyed over 35,000 older adults.

While it’s true that some activities like cooking and gardening (both of which can be done in independent living too) can be good for your health, other chores aren’t very pleasant. Things like climbing a ladder to change a light bulb or bending over to clean floors can be difficult at best and dangerous at worst.

The majority of independent living communities will do light housekeeping + laundry services for you free of charge, as well as handle any on-site maintenance that’s required. For example, if your refrigerator stops working or a light switch doesn’t work, there will be a person to come and fix it for you.


One Inclusive Cost

In independent living, most everything a person could want is already included in the base cost you pay every month. Unlike in most traditional renting scenarios, this also includes utilities and even cable. Therefore, this setup makes it much easier to keep track of expenses.

The overall cost of independent living can be much lower, especially if you’re downsizing from your current home. It could also put you in a situation where you’d find yourself less likely to do “impulse spending.”

Something else you could also do to save money while in independent living is selling your vehicle. Then, you could just use the community’s transportation services. That way, you can save even more money.


Try Out Unexplored Hobbies and Interests

Most people have spent decades on climbing in their career and/or raising a family. These important and necessary responsibilities can sideline other passions that you may have had. Independent living gives seniors the chance to pursue the interests they always wanted to but never had time to do. It might be painting, learning a new language, gardening, or learning how to cook. Now with independent living, you have the opportunity to live the way you want, without feeling the stress of getting older.


Safety and Security is Yours

Independent living in Oceanside is truly your home. You’re able to come and go as you like and decorate your space per your own unique style and needs. You decide what kind of support or interaction you want while also relishing in the fact that your freedom is secured.

Our independent living community has security systems that ensure a safe community and place to live. That way, you’ll never feel concerned about your privacy or safety. Suppose you encounter any problems with your home’s functioning, or you need assistance with anything else. In that case, we’re always happy to help. Our goal is to ensure that all of our residents can live in a comfortable space that meets their personal standards and exceed all expectations.