If your loved one has recently moved into a senior living facility, you likely have questions about how to stay connected. As they go through this transition, you must make an effort to stay connected with them. They need you in their life to help with combating depression and loneliness, improving their overall health and well-being.

In the past, visiting a loved one in a nursing home was often a depressing and stressful time. However, in many modern assisted living homes or cottages, visits are encouraged and enjoyed by all. Here are some of the ways to stay connected with your loved ones.

Stay Connected With Loved Ones With Pictures

Whether you live on the other side of the world, or just a block away, a picture says a thousand words. Placing pictures around your loved one’s new room can be a great reminder for your loved one of all the people they love. With so many photo printing options available now, you can quickly turn your family portraits into a calendar, canvas, or even a mug. So get creative with displaying those perfect pictures around your loved one’s space.

Family Chats Help You Stay Connected

Setting up a weekly family chat time is the perfect way to stay connected to your loved one. Family members can visit or call with a video chat. Group chats with multiple members of the family are great ways for the whole family to connect to share their news and events, helping everyone to get closer. Even something as simple as a phone call will suffice. Just make sure to connect and catch up regularly.

Grandparents Love Crafty Gifts From the Kids

How to Stay Connected With Loved Ones in Senior Living

Your loved ones will surely love to get a crafty gift from their grandchildren (or great-grandchildren). Kids are always doing cool craft projects at school an home, so why not send it to your loved one to brighten their day. They will enjoy the thought, and likely enjoy the extra excuse to be able to brag about their grandchild.

Send a Care Package to Show You Care

One of the most exciting things is getting a package in the mail. Even better is a surprise package. Sending a package with some photos, games, books, a favorite hand lotion, letter, and other gifts will be sure to not only let them know that you are thinking about them, but will help to brighten many days as they get to use and see the gifts and new photos.

Visit Your Parents in Senior Living Regularly

If you live near enough, make a point to stop by periodically and visit. Stop by to play a game together, enjoy a meal as a family, take a stroll together, or sit and visit and watch the world together. Bringing old family friends or grandchildren will brighten their day and let them know that they are still cared about and remembered.

Mail a Letter Just Because

How to Stay Connected With Loved Ones in Senior Living

Not all seniors can use a computer, so taking the time to write and send a message can mean the world to them. Staying in touch when you live far away can be quite difficult, but taking the time to connect with them in a way that is meaningful to them is a simple thing to do and a great way to show them that you care.

Calendar Sharing With Loved Ones

If your loved one is a little more technologically savvy, then a calendar sharing app can be a great way to stay connected. This will enable them to not only know when something important or special is happening, but they will also get to see day-to-day activities and can help them to feel connected with the lives of their family.

Also, knowing what their calendar holds, the special activities that they are taking part in at their new home can give you something to talk about when you visit. You will be able to ask them how they enjoyed their activities, or talk about an upcoming event they may be looking forward to.

While the little things you do in your daily life may seem trivial to you, knowing about them can help your loved one to feel much more connected when they can’t be there themselves.

Living apart from your family can be difficult, especially if you are in a long term care facility. Even if your loved one is in an assisted living apartment with plenty of activities and fun things to do, it is still crucial for families to stay connected with each other and to make the most of your time with them. However, you can stay connected, and your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness and love. It may not always be easy, but it will always be worth it.