California is now under orders from Gov. Gavin Newsom to stay at home and to shelter in place. While you are allowed to go outside for essential needs (even for a leisurely walk in the neighborhood), social distancing is now the name of the game, especially when it comes to senior living in Oceanside, CA. The CDC is recommending that people stay at least six feet away from each other until the virus subsides.

“The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday life, but it doesn’t need to change who we are.” This is an excellent quote from Molly Snyder, writer for the website OnMilwaukee, and we couldn’t agree with her more.

While social distancing is becoming the new normal for Americans, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should socially isolate yourself.

Easter is an important holiday for family bonding. This is especially true for seniors, who are more prone to social isolation and the adverse effects that come from it.

Easter is shaping up to be much different this year than in years past. As more events continue to get canceled (including the beloved Easter egg hunt), it’s crucial to find ways to enjoy Easter while maintaining social distancing. Therefore, many ideas in this list revolve around utilizing the internet to bring family, friends, and communities closer together.


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COVID-19 Community Easter Egg Hunt

Sticking to traditions is vital for most of us. Thankfully there can be a happy medium between continuing an old tradition while starting a new one.

You can still enjoy the traditional Easter egg hunt while minimizing physical exposure to others. The way it works is simple – encourage the people in your neighborhood or senior living community to post an image of an Easter egg onto their window or door. Then on Easter, go on an Easter egg hunt with the kids.

This idea initially came from a mom on social media, has been reposted on several different websites, and it is now going viral online. So by the time Easter rolls around, it’s likely that this idea will be adopted in various communities across the US.

Even during a pandemic, we can at least be happy about doing something unique and original for Easter in 2020!  

You can be a trendsetter and start a Facebook group for your community (e.g. Ocean Hills COVID-19 Community Easter Egg Hunt). Then on Easter, members can participate by taking pictures of the eggs they find and posting them in the group. Of course, no actual eggs or candy should be exchanged.  


Capture Every Moment

For our residents and their family members, we implore you to capture every memorable moment on your Easter holiday. That way, you can share the videos or photos with your family online or even through the mail! In the absence of your physical presence, this will mean a lot to them. For more convenient printing, there are pocket photo printers that will allow you to print the photos instantly from your smartphone.


Take a Drive

While we’re being encouraged to stay inside, technically staying in your car is “staying inside” as well. Going for a drive on Easter can be a great way to experience the outdoors safely. If you live in a busy city, it will be your chance to see the city without much traffic.

If the city isn’t your cup of tea, then why not the country? If you’re short on ideas for road trips, check out the website “My Scenic Drive” for road trip suggestions in every state. Pick one that sounds meaningful to you, bring a picnic basket, have your playlist ready, and you’re all set.

Remember to check current restrictions and adhere to up-to-date policies in effect.



Right now, gardeners everywhere have the same idea, and that is to focus on gardening during the coronavirus pandemic. For those of you who haven’t tried it, gardening is a surprisingly fun and rewarding activity. During times of isolation, it’s good for your mental health and in practical terms as well. You can grow your own food and maintain your own beautiful garden, which can be your own little paradise during these difficult times.

But you’ll want to start stocking up on supplies now. Nurseries and horticultural websites are reporting that “Easter has come early,” with many customers coming in and buying up garden furniture and plants. This happens typically the weekend before Easter, but because people will be self-isolating for the foreseeable future, gardening supplies will be in high demand.


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Try New Recipes

Now more than ever, it’s a good idea to cook at home and spend your spare time trying new recipes. You can practice making new dishes now, and when Easter Sunday comes, hopefully, you’ll be able to whip up a truly fantastic meal for your guests.


Watch Easter Movies at Home

Easter is a time for family after all, and Easter movies give you and your family a good excuse to spend some face time together. There are plenty of different movie options, such as Passover movies that have a more adult tone.

To make the event extra-special, make the Easter movie night an event. Make your home like a movie theater, complete with proper lighting, an usher, concession stand, and movie tickets.


Make Easter Arts and Crafts

Many seniors love doing arts and crafts. And Easter traditions are hardly complete without them. Kids can draw a cartoon bunny for playing Easter bingo. Your kids or grandkids can also make Easter cards for you or their friends.


Decorate Eggs

You can still have real Easter eggs on Easter this year. Just have the kids dye them. Have a video camera in the corner of the room to record everyone decorating the eggs from start to finish. They can be decorated with natural dyes, tie-dye, or even herbs. The recorded footage can be shared with family.  


Bonus Idea

Easter is an important religious holiday. And strong Faith is important during a time like this, so attend an online church.



Despite what’s going on right now, it’s essential to keep at least some Easter traditions alive. Someday your kids and grandkids will share them with their own children.