As you or your family member gets older, finding solutions about long term care are critical. As you conduct your research, one key question you might ask is this:

What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living?

Even though these terms might seem interchangeable, they have different meanings. Understanding the difference can help you make informed decisions about long term care.

The fundamental difference is that nursing homes offer 24/7 care and assisted living facilities to do not. But there are many more nuances between the two. For example, the federal government regulates nursing homes. But the state regulates assisted living facilities. So what are some other nuances?


One of the first things you might consider when choosing what is best for you or your loved one is cost. You want to make sure that you are paying for what you or your loved one needs.

Nursing homes are often more expensive, as they provide constant care. The national average for a semi-private room is about $7,441 per month. The more costly private room has a national average of $8,365 per month. Medicare will only cover the first 21 days at a nursing home. After 21 days, you will need to pay out of pocket.

Assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA are cheaper compared to nursing homes. The national average cost for a one bedroom unit at an assisted living facility is about $4,000. There is also more flexibility with the cost of assisted living in Oceanside, CA. Depending on your needs, or desires, you can choose what aspects of life you get help with.

Services Offered and Daily Life

Options and services differ between nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA. Choosing what is best for you, or for your loved one depends on what services you need. But how do you figure out what you need? A caregiver can measure your ability to carry out “Activities of Daily Living” or ADLs. ADLs include things like cooking, personal hygiene, housekeeping, and other activities. This assessment can help you choose between nursing homes and assisted living communities in Oceanside, CA.

Nursing homes must provide constant care and help to their residents. This includes managing medications and treatments, helping with personal hygiene, and continence care. Nursing home residents are not allowed to leave the property without supervision. Nursing homes will arrange for entertainment like musical performances for their residents. This helps residents enjoy life, even if they have their movement restricted. Nursing homes have limited accommodations, and cannot choose their own furniture.

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Assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA is more suited for those who need less help. You can customize how much support you or your loved one receives. For example, you can still choose to cook, even though meal plans are an option. Living in an assisted living community in Oceanside, CA means you are still able to carry out ADLs without major help. You are also ready to come and go from the facility. Some assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA even offer vehicle parking for their residents. The facility organizes trips to museums, shopping malls, and more for residents.

Assisted living communities in Oceanside, CA offer a wide variety of facilities for their residents. Ocean Hills Senior Living, for example, has a library, fitness room, a beauty salon, and even a bocce ball court. Some assisted living facilities also allow their residents to keep pets. Assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA offer many options for accommodations and furniture. Residents can choose the living arrangements that best fit their lifestyle.

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA offer daily activities for their residents. This can include fitness and art classes, movie nights, and even wine and cheese tastings. These give residents the chance to socialize and have fun with their neighbors.

Medical Care

You might be reading this is because you are dealing with an injury or illness. In this case, rehabilitative services will be critical to your recovery. They can help you transition from your hospital back to your normal life. Nursing homes offer many rehabilitative services, like physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Assisted living communities in Oceanside, CA might not have these services.

Memory care is also a key need. Alzheimer’s and dementia change the way you enjoy your retirement. The right memory care facility will mean still being able to enjoy your golden years. Some assisted living facilities, like Ocean Hills Senior Living, provide memory care options. Each assisted living community in Oceanside, CA is different, so make sure you pick what best fits your needs.

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Nursing homes use professional nurses as the staff and have a doctor on-site. These nurses and doctors become the primary medical team for nursing home residents. The medical staff is always available, which is ideal if you or your loved one has high medical needs.

Assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA often has medical staff on site. But their availability will differ from facility to facility. Ask questions about the medical staff’s hours to make sure they match your needs. Residents of assisted living facilities in Oceanside CA keep their family doctors for primary care. Some assisted living communities in Oceanside, CA help their residents get to doctor appointments.

What’s Next?

Understanding senior care options can help you make an informed decision about retirement. What is best for you, or your loved one’s health and happiness is what is most important. Include your doctor and family members in the decision.

You should schedule visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Oceanside, CA. Compare them firsthand to see what is best for you. If possible, have a meal in the dining hall to meet other residents and their family members. Get a sense of the community.

Ocean Hills Senior Living located at 4500 Cannon Rd. in Oceanside, California, is one great option. Ocean Hills provides a variety of assisted living options to meet your needs and desires. Call us at 760-295-8515 or browse our website to learn more. Knowledge is the key to a better retirement.