Many families are apprehensive about putting their loved one into senior living. And some seniors wonder if they will enjoy Assisted Living Oceanside CA. At Ocean Hills Senior living, we have found that our senior residents are quite happy with assisted living. The truth is that most seniors are more satisfied living among others than living alone at home. Assisted living offers many social activities and helps with activities of daily life that family members may not be able to do. The move to assisted living can be hard, but we’ve outlined a few benefits to show you how assisted living can offer you or your loved one with more happiness in retirement.

Better Health Equals Increased Happiness

better health better happiness

Nutritious, High-Quality Meals

Assisted Living in Oceanside CA offers you chef-prepared meals that are catered towards you or your loved one. All meals can be specialized according to dietary restrictions or medical condition. When you start living at Ocean Hills, you will be served three healthy meals a day and have the option for luxurious dining.

Learn more about what assisted living can provide your family and how to address any care concerns.

Daily Physical Activity with Group Fitness

Ocean Hills has a plethora of activities that will help keep you or your loved one active and physically fit. We offer many group activities, like exercise classes and daily walks. There is also gym/fitness equipment on-site to help you or your loved one with individualized physical fitness routines.

Safe and Secure Living

When you age in place, there are a variety of home renovations and modifications that you or your family will have to do to keep the home safe. These renovations and upgrades can be very costly, and moving into assisted living offers built-in safety. Ocean Hills is built with the highest standards when it comes to senior safety as our facility is designed for accessibility and senior mobility.

Help with Daily Living Equals Increased Happiness

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Help with Activities of Daily Life

When it comes to activities of daily living, your family is typically responsible for helping you with things like bathing, cooking, getting dressed, and other personal activities when you live at home. When you move into assisted living, the burden of care is transferred from your family to well-trained and caring staff. With this change comes more independence from your family and a better relationship with your family. When you move into assisted living, you can focus on spending quality time with your family.

Daily Chores and Transportation are Taken Care of

When you or your loved one lives at home, keeping track of appointments and chores can be difficult. The move to assisted living in Oceanside CA will help alleviate these burdens, as transportation and housekeeping are included in the rent. Again, this helps you and your loved one focus on the things that make life great, social events, and building strong relationships with family.

More Social Events Equals Increased Happiness

Full Social Event Schedule

When you live alone, you can quickly become isolated. When you retire, connecting with friends and going to social events can become hard. This is especially true if you don’t have access to reliable transportation. When you move to assisted living, you have a built-in network of friends and activities that are planned for you months in advance. There is no shortage of things to do when you move into assisted living. You will find events ranging from daily walks to paint nights to intellectually stimulating activities. Having a strong social life is one of the secrets to living a happy life in retirement!

Intellectually Stimulating Activities

When it comes to intellectually stimulating activities, assisted living facilities offer your or your loved one with a wide range of learning opportunities. Many of these are resident-led activities like book clubs and gardening, but there are also facility led activities like guest speakers and workshops.

assited living happiness ocean side

Benefits of Senior Living

The benefits of moving into assisted living are evident. Moving into assisted living can offer you or your loved one with increased levels of happiness because of better safety, healthier food, and more social activities. The days of seniors not wanting to ‘move into a home’ are gone. Assisted living at communities like Ocean Hills offers a wonderful alternative to living at home alone. Once seniors know what is available to them, assisted living becomes the preferred option over other types of elder care like adult daycares or home care.


To help you make the decision to move to into assisted living more comfortable, we recommend you book a tour with us today. Just visit our contact us page and schedule a time that is more convenient for you.